The challenging part about promoting a product for which I receive incentives to promote is that I fear people think I’m being disingenuous when I wax poetic about how great a product it is.  When I love a product, I love to share it with others and to dive into the company’s culture. That’s what happened with Athletic Greens.

I first found Athletic Greens after doing a search for the highest-quality greens supplement. I came across several brands with high ratings from users, but there was something about the testimonials I saw for Athletic Greens that really attracted me. When I first saw the price, I balked. No way was I paying that much money for some green juice. A friend who lives and breathes Isagenix convinced me to support her business by buying her Isagenix Greens. The taste was pleasant, and it soon became a part of my daily routine. For months, I drank my greens every morning, and while I didn’t feel anything different physically, I felt better about getting in important nutrients.

Fast forward a few months where I still didn’t feel anything different, I resumed my greens search. Athletic Greens popped up again. Knowing that sometimes you get what you paid for, I decided to give them a chance. I signed up for the double pack via subscription to save money in the long term. (One pack lasts a month if you do one serving a day.) My intent was that it would last 2 months, then I would discontinue the service if I didn’t like it.) That was over a year ago, and I haven’t quit yet.

I mix mine with about 4 oz of water and either shake or mix with a mini-mixer every morning. It took about a month before I felt a tangible difference. Some people feel different sooner, but it wasn’t like I was coming from a veggie-deprived state. My energy levels and digestion are where I feel the most difference. During the rare times that I allowed myself to fall out of my greens habit, or I stopped using them because of a drug-tested competition (It doesn’t contain any banned substances, but it’s not yet on the USAPL approved list, and I’m not a risk-taker because I’m often aiming for state records.), I have felt better within a couple of days of resuming Athletic Greens.

I love that Athletic Greens offers flexibility with their auto-ship program. I am never stuck receiving a backlog of products if I am not ready for it. I did the 2-pack to arrive every other month and never had to worry about running out or having a cabinet full of unused product. I’ve since fallen in love with the convenient but less eco-friendly individual packs which I order as needed. Shipping is very quick, so I don’t have to plan out weeks ahead of time.

Everyone at work, at home, and on my travels knows about my daily greens habit. It was only natural that I applied for the ambassador program when it became available. There have been lots of benefits to being on the “Greens Team”:

  • Incentives to earn points towards free products
  • A great Facebook community of fellow Athletic Greens lovers
  • Fun surprises in the mail (Give me all the greens!)
  • Being in a super-positive community where we are encouraged to share our joyful moments and happy vibes

The only “downside” would be that if you are the type of person who becomes an ambassador only for discounts, you won’t find that here without putting in work. Perks come by way of promoting the product and/or promoting happiness. Yes, you can earn products by simply sharing joy on social media.

This is the third product for which I have become an ambassador, and it’s the only one that has improved my health directly.