The items that make my gym-life a little easier.

Because I like to do a variety of workouts at a variety of gyms, it’s important for me to have all of my necessities available.  The gym bag that I am currently in love with is a Lug bag that I found while visiting New Smyrna Beach, FL last week. I love it because it has a variety of pockets, can be wiped clean, and has a ventilated shoe compartment. (I always wear a pair and pack a pair because I never know if I’ll need cross trainers or lifting shoes.) The bag is stuffed right now because it has a full set of clothes in it for a post-work workout:


My new favorite gym bag by Lug.

Inside the bag:

  • Compression running socks. I keep these for the days when I’m wearing shorts, and an unexpected run enters the workout. Otherwise, I wear long workout pants and medical-grade compression socks.
  • Shower Pill- great wipes for a quick post-workout freshening. They are no substitute for a shower, and I could never return to work after using just these, but they work for being fresh enough to run an errand or two.
  • Arm band for my iPod touch. An iPhone can fit if the case is removed.
  • Moleskine notebook and pen for jotting down times, weights, reps, etc. until I can log the info electronically.
  • Rogue jump rope to practice my double unders.
  • Sachet to keep the bag smelling fresh.
  • Polar heart rate monitor- Let’s me know that I’m not really dying.
  • Gaiam microfiber towel. Highly absorbent and makes a good layer of protection between a mat and my hair.
  • Zumba jingle bracelets. Just because.
  • Wrist straps for lifting. I try not to use these unless I have to.
  • Hemp pouch for odds and ends such as mints, nail file, deodorant, lotion, and other supplies.
CEP Compression Socks

ShowerPill Athletic Wipes
Rogue Jump Rope